Residential Services

We Offer a Wide Variety of Residential Services to Meet Your Needs

Eastside Waste Systems provides weekly trash pickup to a large number of local communities and offers a variety of cart sizes to meet your needs. 

Choose from 95 gallon carts (up to three per address), a 240 or 300 gallon tub, or a 2 yard dumpster. 

Choose Eastside Waste Systems for excellent service at a great price!

Eastside 95g residential poly cart garbage can
95 Gallon Residential Polycart´╗┐

The 95 gallon cart is the most popular option for single family, residential trash. Choose from 1-3 carts per address.


Great for small business, farms, or large families. Equal to (4) 95g polycarts.

240 & 300 GALLON TUBS

A great solution for large families or multi unit dwellings where regular dumpsters can not be placed.

240g & 300g available

Our Service Area

McLoud, Harrah, Choctaw, Chandler, Carney, Meeker, Wellston, Newalla, Dale, Davenport, Stroud, Warwick, Tecumseh, and parts of Norman, Shawnee, and Luther. Other areas as well.